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Danielle provides individual therapy sessions, addressing a wide

variety of issues.  Her approach is to identify and assess the concerns

that the individual presents with, and then work with her client to develop

an approach that best meets their needs.  


Danielle starts where the client is at and works to assist the client in coping more effectively with their feelings and thoughts.  Through the therapeutic process, she helps her client to identify and change problematic thought and behavioural patterns, and learn to communicate more effectively.  


Depending on the stage of treatment, sessions are scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  A typical 50 session is 50 minutes in length.





Brief therapy allows the client to access help at the time they need it most and when the problem is most significant or meaningful. Research is now showing that Psychotherapy is often brief (planned or not) and that most change happens within the first few sessions.
Brief therapy allows the client to quickly examine what is going well in their life at the present, what the individual is already doing that is effective, and helps them look for positive directions.  
In working with the individual/family in a brief therapy setting, Danielle can help her clients identify what is important to focus on within the session, and structures the time to jointly develop ideas and tasks to help them.



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